Doctor Who RPG: Season 1

Episode 3: The Eye of Artemis

Platform 113, The Hadron Cluster, Artemis Sector…2184

An undisclosed officer opens up a communications line to his associate. He wants to know if the merchandise provided to him is of sufficient quality. His associate who appears cloaked as a black obelisk with multiple lights around him assures him that the merchandise is of sufficient quality and is untraceable. He asks only that the man completes his mission so that the The Sons of Earth will get their reward and so will he.

The man returns to his station in the command deck. The crew report that a ship is requesting activation of the Eye of Artemis, a huge wormhole in space that allows interstellar travel (and which Platform 113 regulates). They soon discover that the ship is actually Air Force One and is carrying the current President of the The Central Earth Government (C.E.G.) Muhammad Rashiq. Clearance is given but not everything is going to plan because warning claxons and lights begin to flash everywhere. Something is wrong with the controls and if they don’t fix it the President’s ship will smash against the wormhole and be destroyed!

Cue Theme Music

The Doctor is teaching Terrance how to fly the TARDIS and tells him to spin the yellow wibbly thing on the console. As he does, the ship is thrown about violently. As the TARDIS begins to shake uncontrollably, the groups voices begin to go out of sink with their mouths and terrible G-forces tear at them. The Doctor realises that the TARDIS is being affected by some kind of force that can manipulate time and space. He summarises that the best way to not be torn apart is to simply ride the force to wherever it’s going as the TARDIS is effectively in a flat spin. Strenuously reaching to keep the controls level, Terrence and the Doctor manage to arrive with a final harsh crash. Slowly, the group pick themselves up as the Doctor explains that they were caught in some kind of time corridor.

Platform 113, Main Corridor

Emerging from the TARDIS, the Doctor, Terrence and Arty find themselves on some kind of space station which is orbiting an immense wormhole that is swirling outside. Jaw wide open, Terrence stares at this most awesome sight before being brought back to the here and now by the sound of alarms and flashing warning lights that are ringing out across the station.

Jovially, the Doctor ushers his companions forth to find the source of both the time corridor and the emergency gripping the station.

Command Deck

Taking an anti-grav lift, the group enter a chaotic command deck that is looking out onto the wormhole. There are staff in white uniforms on the command deck in total panic moving from console to console whilst a captain in white military uniform stares out of the viewport.

The Doctor and Terrence quickly take control of the situation and ascertain that the President of the Central Earth Government (C.E.G.) is on his way to the wormhole known as the Eye of Artemis, but the station (which is responsible for opening the Eye) is not performing its duty. If something isn’t done then the President’s ship will smash into the Eye!

Examining the situation carefully, the Doctor stated that there was enough power in the platform to open the eye up, it’s just that there is a problem with the relaying of that power. It needed the gravity drive being taken off line momentarily so that someone could take a look at them. With only minutes remaining, the Doctor left Terrence on the command deck whilst he went down to Engineering.

The Captain, thankful that someone had finally taken action and seemingly knew what they were doing, watched eagerly.


Going down to engineering, the Doctor found the generators firmly sealed with blast doors and a nearby computer flashing warnings that the reactors core temperature was critical. Quick as a flash the Doctor unlocked the huge blast doors with the aid of his Sonic Screwdriver and entered the Engineering room where he found destroyed machinery and two dead engineers. The destroyed machinery was what was stopping the power getting through so he speedily constructed a Harmonic Particle Array to solve the problem.

Powering down the Gravity Drive with the help of Terrence, the Doctor quickly replaced the Array and switched the power on once more but there wasn’t enough power. As the seconds to the Presidents impact ticked rapidly by, the Doctor boosted the power with the aid of his Sonic Screwdriver (shorting it out completely for a while) and allowed the Presidents ship to just career through at the last second!

The explorers were thanked and taken to the docking bay to meet the President who stated that he thought it was sabotage and would like the groups help in finding the culprit (he only trusted them because if they wanted him dead, then they could have just left him). He also invited the group to have dinner with him later on.

Eagerly, the group took up the challenge in the hope of also discovering the source of the time corridor.

Security Station

The group began by searching the Engineering room where they found a bottle of brandy popular in the 21st century (but with the label in perfect condition) and an account card. They also discovered the smell of cordite and a security camera which led them to the security station.

At the security station they noticed a guy looking suspicious and handing the engineer the bottle of brandy before leaving. The screen also fuzzed out showing pictures from the 1950’s TV shows. Checking the account card revealed a guy called Jassik Yung.

After searching for a while, the group agreed to go to the Mess Hall to tell the President what they had found so far.

Mess Hall

Arriving at the mess hall, the Doctor related to the President his suspicion of Jassik Yung whom suspiciously entered as a waiter and served the President a glass of champagne. The Doctor quietly told the President not to drink the substance and call in his personal guard. Unfortunately, as the guards entered, Jassik realized that he had been discovered and began to run. The Doctor and Terrence gave chase, but Jassik was destined to escape as the Doctor managed to trip over a table and get his foot stuck in a pan whilst they careered through the kitchen!

After locking down the station and running a quick GPS search, the group found Jassik in the communications room.

Communications Room

Entering the Comms Room, they found Jassik trying to communicate with the black obelisk with multiple lights around it. A tussle ensued, during which Terrence managed to successfully decode the signal to reveal The DALEK EMPEROR!

Astounded, the Doctor quizzed the Emperor about his survival and plans. The Emperor told the Doctor that he used Jasik and gave him the equipment via the time corridor to sow confusion and conflict between the C.E.G. and the Sons of Earth so he could conquer the galaxy easier (because they would be too busy infighting to prepare). Now his plan had failed, the Emperor intended to bring his Dalek force through the Eye of Artemis and conquer the galaxy. Defiantly the Doctor vowed to stop them and cut off the communications.

Defeating the Daleks

With little time to spare, the Doctor, Terrence and Arty began to think of a plan. They realized that through their time travelling escapades; the Daleks (like the group) all had Huon particles surrounding their body which is what the Doctor affectionately termed “void stuff”. He once before used a temporal rift to send the Daleks careering into the void and surmised that if he could modify the platform, he could do it again as when they open the Eye to come through, they would instead open a passage to the void and be sucked in.

Frantically the Doctor set about modifying the station whilst Arty and Terrence helped build barricades and defenses for the Platform. The Captain vowed that his men were military officers and would face the Daleks even though they only had a handful of energy guns. This was to be the last defence of Platform 113!

The Eye of Artemis

In a race against time, the Doctor began making the final modifications to the Platform as the first Daleks activated the Eye of Artemis and began moving through. Between the two companions, Terrence and Arty, they managed to delay the force and shut down the Eye via removing the Harmonic Particle Array, allowing only three Daleks to make it to the other end. Still a tremendous threat, the Daleks began to breach the hull and fight their way to the Doctor.

Triumphantly as the crew radioed in screaming that they couldn’t affect the Daleks (before being exterminated) the Dalek Emperor communicated with the Doctor once more and offered him a chance to join the Daleks. After the Doctor refused and stated that he had just finished the modifcations to stop them, the Emperor announced that he would destroy them all. At that point a Dalek entered the Command Deck and demanded their surrender. When the Doctor refused, the Dalek shouted “Exterminate” and was about to open fire on the group when it began to swirl around stating it was out of control.

In the climax, the Eye of Artemis opened up it’s maw and the Emperors Command Saucer moved through it with the Doctor valiantly pressing the switch to send the Daleks back into the void… BUT… with triumphant elation the Emperor shouted “activate the Neutron Arc” and with that, the plans of the Doctor failed, allowing not only the Emperors Command Saucer and attack force through the Eye, but also a fleet of other Dalek ships that poured through from the void!

The Emperor declares triumphantly that the Doctor was a pawn all along, they brought him here via the time corridor and knew he would investigate. They also wanted him to activate the Eye so that the force would come through. Now begins a new Empire of Daleks.

As the ships begin their deadly descent towards the Platform a manical laughter rings through the communications channel….. the laughter of DAVROS!!!




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