Doctor Who RPG: Season 1

Episode 4: War of the Daleks

What has gone before…

In the previous episode, we saw the Doctor’s TARDIS land on a space station after it was violently caught in a time corridor. Investigating the area, the group found that the President of the Central Earth Government was travelling to the space station via the use of a controlled wormhole known as the Eye of Artemis. There was a plan to sabotage the station and kill the president. This plan was carried out by the Sons of Earth, a rogue terrorist organisation, but it had support and backing by an unknown faction. After investigation, it was revealed that the faction were none other than the Daleks, led by the Dalek Emperor.

The Doctor and his companions managed to lead the crewmen of the station in its defence. The crew were slowly dealt with by the invading Daleks, but they did buy the Doctor and Terrence enough time to build a feedback device that would use the Eye of Artemis to open up a rift to the void and send the Daleks into the space between dimensions (just as the Doctor had done in the Battle for Canary Wharf).

Unfortunately, when the Doctor activated the feedback device, the Daleks plans came to fruition and the rift to the void didn’t suck in the Daleks but instead allowed another saucer to emerge – one containing Davros!

cue theme music

Platform 113 Command Centre

As the Doctor and Terrence look onward, Davros makes his way to the Command Centre and begins gloating at the Doctor. He states that thanks to the Neutron Arc and Dalek Caan, Davros was able to put this plan into place. In reality, the Doctor had been played for a fool. Davros knew the Doctor would investigate the time corridor and he knew he would use the Eye of Artemis (because Caan had forseen it). When the Doctor activated the feedback device, Davros used Caan’s personal Neurtron Arc to pass through the rift and thus cancelled out the pull that should have happened.

The Emperor arrived in his large domed Dalek Armour and together; he and Davros proclaimed that there would arise a new Dalek Empire. Davros wouldn’t reveal the full plans but did say that by the end of his plan, the Time Lords would have lost and he will rule the universe with his creations. The Emperor queried this phrase and Davros turned upon the Emperor, proclaiming him impure and unfit to be the Dalek Emperor. Knowing that they would try and subjugate their creator again, Davros decided to perform a pre-emptive strike. With that, he and his guard Daleks began attacking the Emperor!

Taking that as a cue to leave, Terrence and the Doctor escaped the Command Centre, being pursued by a Dalek.

They ran through the corridors and eventually shut a bulkhead door, stopping the immediate threat, only to come face to face with another Dalek that was hovering between them and the path back to the TARDIS. Determined, this didn’t stop the Doctor or Terrence as they slid under the Dalek and shut it out again through another bulkhead door. Thankfully, as the group entered the console room, they saw that Arty had made it back from engineering and was waiting for them.

With no time to loose as the bulkhead door was being cut through by the Daleks, the Doctor threw the TARDIS up through the time corridor, smashing his way free from its pull and out into the vastness of the Vortex.

Time Lord Reminiscent

Regrouping and thinking of not only their next action, but also the next course of action for Davros, the group determined that the Neutron Arc was used to manipulate Neutrons in unique ways to bypass the effects of time manipulation such as paradoxes and even time locks (an effective weapon against Time Lords).

Spanning from this revelation, the Doctor came to realise that he had encountered the Neutron Arc many years ago and to find the answers, he had to delve into his past… a past he had shut away for so long. He used the TARDIS’ equipment to create a cerebral link to the monitor and replayed the images from his mind onto the screen. The images showed that during the Time War, the Doctor discovered that the Daleks had set up a scientific research base on the supposedly neutral planet of Rapton. He conferred with the High Council of Galifrey and they sent him and another Time Lord to stop the Daleks plans that they were developing at the base. The Doctor and his Time Lord companion discovered that the base was constructing not only a huge Neutron Arc (capable of being installed on a command saucer and affecting a vast area of space), but also that the Daleks were constructing a most hideous virus capable of corroding almost any substance. Whilst putting a stop to the Daleks plans, the Time Lord with the Doctor was captured and killed. When the Doctor gave the Daleks an option to surrender and they didn’t, in fear and anger, the Doctor had only one option left to stop the Dalek plan. He barely escaped their clutches but in doing so, the Doctor released the Dalek virus within the base, gambling that their defensive barrier would contain it. He was wrong and the virus spilled out into the street of Rapton, presumably killing the neutral population there.

These memories the Doctor had buried in his mind out of shame and regret. Although upsetting for him, the recollection of these memories allowed him to hypothesise that the Cult of Skaro (which Dalek Caan was a member of), would have known about the base on Rapton and if Caan had a small, personal Neutron Arc (which is what he used originally to breech the time lock and rescue Davros from the Time War), then surely the larger one on Rapton could release the Dalek Empire from the Time War!

With a heavy heart, the Doctor set course to observe the now dead world of Rapton.

Rapton, Tymbian System

Emerging in orbit, the Doctor and Terrence could see that the world was still enveloped in a green swirling mist. Moving the TARDIS forward in time, the Doctor knew that the virus would reach its “half life” and loose its corrosive properties, but the atmosphere was still choked with its fumes. Therefore the group suited up into space suits and landed as close to the Dalek science bunker as the Doctor could remember.

The area they were greeted with was desolate and decayed, buildings falling apart and roads filled with abandoned cars and rubble. The bunker itself was located inside the basement of a Raptonian government building. Heading into the basement, the Doctor and Terrence (Arty, having circuitry issues, decided to stay in the TARDIS) found a heavy steel Dalek door, locked with a complex code. As the Doctor began solving the code, they were interrupted by the sound of feet on the ramp leading to the basement. They were soon greeted by humanoids in power armour and long snouted helmets that began to fire upon the pair. It was only after Terrence used the Doctors name that the armoured foes ceased fire and began bowing in front of the Doctor. With that the armoured soldiers took the Doctor and Terrence to vehicle, which elevated out of the virus clouds and took them to a floating airbase.

The Valdorasto

Once in the airbase, they were met by three humanoids with heads that resembled ravens. These were genuine Raptonians! They explained that they were the ruling council of those who were left, known as the Valdorasto. They explained that when the Doctor released the virus, they managed to get some (not all) of their people to safety into these floating bases known as “nests”. The Valdorasto were not angry with the Doctor for what he did, rather they worshipped him as their saviour. They explained that the Daleks came to their planet with threats and forced the Raptonians (who were a peaceful people) to build the science bunker and to supply them with test subjects. When the virus was released, so were the people of Rapton.

The Valdorasto stated that since that time, they were guarding the tunnel because they were sure that some Daleks survived and sometimes, at night they heard terrible screams coming from the bunker.

The Valdorasto agreed to send 5 of their best soldiers including their commander Xanilacks with the Doctor and Terrence back into the bunker to disable the Neutron Arc.

Screams in the Dark

Joyful that some of the Raptonians had survived, the Doctor and Terrence went back to the Dalek science bunker. As they arrived there, Xanilacks indicated that another spacecraft was in orbit around Rapton.

The bunker had no power at all and was filled with the green mist of the virus. Moving through the complex, occasionally hearing blood curdling screams, the Doctor found an open hull of a Dalek suit and after slight tinkering, managed to remove its force field. At that point they began hearing the sound of Dalek exterminator rays firing from outside the bunker.

Shortly after, the group came upon a bunch of Daleks that had obviously been damaged by the virus when it was potent. From holes and gaps in the Dalekanium armour protruded the mutant tentacles. The Daleks were lucid and deprived of their senses apart from hearing. They were super sensitive to noise of approaching prey that caused them to momentarily frenzy, whipping their tentacles about before once more going stationary. Xanilacks who had heard the blaster fire from within the bunker now indicated for the rest of his team to remain where they were and defend the bunker whilst him, the Doctor and Terrence braved creeping stealthily through the mad Daleks. With a very close call, the group managed to do so and went onwards.

The next room they encountered was again without power, but seemed to be a main control station. Whilst examining the equipment they were attacked by a Dalek mutant (obviously the one from the open casing). They managed to defeat the creature but not before it had poisoned and disabled Xanilacks.

Taking explosives from Xanilacks, the group moved quickly on until they reached the main Dalek labs where they encountered a lone Dalek scientist that was guarding the Neutron Arc. The scientist had managed to survive by activating the Arc, which provided a type of force field that stopped the virus leaking into the room. The Doctor and Terrence made a plan to use the explosives to destroy the Neutron Arc. Firstly, the Doctor opened the main lab doors and began distracting the Dalek. Whilst this was taking place, Terrence headed back to the control room and managed to draw power from the Dalek Lab, disrupting the Neutron Arc’s force field.

As the Doctor argued with the Dalek scientist, Terrence began sneaking up to plant the explosives. Their brave plan was about to be implemented when the form of Davros and two guard Daleks appeared. Davros once again gloated at his triumph and threatened to exterminate Terrence if the Doctor didn’t surrender. Unfortunately, the Doctor had little other option and the Daleks took the detonator from Terrence (but failed to find the Dalek Force Field generator in his pocket).

With that, Davros prepared his final plan and used the Daleks emergency temporal shift to take him and his captors back to the Dalek Saucer.

Offer of Imortality

For a time, Davros tortured Terrence and the Doctor by subjecting them to the mind probe and forcing the other to watch. No questions were asked and they were mentally and physically exhausted and Terrence was feebly hanging onto his life when he was eventually taken to Davros. Davros explained that the Doctor was a butcher and caused his companions nothing but pain and death in the end. He explained that the Time Lords wanted the universe to be stunted and actively stopped cultures evolving and developing time based technology, not allowing them to grow as naturally they should. Davros also stated that his ways maybe draconian at first yes, but that he sought nothing but order and stability for the universe. Once that is achieved he will be a fair and just ruler. He offered Terrence the ultimate reverence… he offered him the chance to become a Dalek and serve in the new empire! After all, what did Terrence truly know of the Doctor?

Terrence mulled the offer over and finally stated defiantly that although he might not know everything about the Doctor, he knows more than he ever needs to about the Daleks! Furious, Davros condemns Terrence and announces that he will suffer the same fate as the Doctor.

The Final Battle

Davros commanded Terrence to stay with him in the Dalek command centre and had the Doctor brought to them. The Doctor was strapped to a swastika shaped cross that sent pulses of current though his body, making him wrack with pain.

Davros explained that the end had come and the command saucer had reached its destination: the constellation of casterberous… home of Galifrey! From here, Davros would activate the Neutron Arc from a nearby console and shatter the time lock placed on the time war, causing the Dalek race to be freed and the final extermination of the Time Lords. Davros was clearly confident and explained that he knew he would not be stopped because Dalek Caan had foreseen it.

With a click of a button on his panel, Davros bathed the nearby Dalek Caan in light and sent violent electrical impulses through the mad Daleks form. It was obvious that since Caan’s tretchery, Davros had been torturing prophecies from Caan. Between screams of pain, Dalek Caan announced that the Doctor would not interfere with the rise of the new Dalek Empire.

Preperations were made and just as Davros was about to activate the Neutron Arc, the air shimmered and the bulbous form of the Dalek Emperor and his elite guard temporal shifted onto the command deck of the saucer. Defiantly, the Emperor announced that he was immortal and that he would put a stop to Davros’ plan and claim the empire for himself (the Doctor realised that when Rose resurrected the Emperor, she also inadvertently gave him the same renewing life force that she had given to Captain Jack Harkness!).

The command deck erupted into warfare, Dalek vs Dalek. In the chaos, Davros was screaming for someone to activate the Neutron Arc and breech the time lock. Whilst the Daleks were too busy fighting each other, Terrence moved over to the Doctor and managed to shut off the electrical feed to the cross. Before he could release him, the Doctor, shouted that they must reverse the polarity of the neutron flow on the Neutron Arc, that would allow the Doctor’s original plan to work and when it was activated, it would open up a rift to the void and suck through the Daleks.

Valiently crawling to the device, Terrence, under instruction from the Doctor managed to do just that, all the while Davros (who was under fire from his own creations) cursed the Doctor and his companion. He could not believe what was happening and denounced Dalek Caan for betraying him again as he prophesised that the Doctor would not lift a finger against the rise of the Dalek Empire. Caan laughed manically and stated that the Doctor hasn’t lifted a finger against the empire… but his child of time has!

With that, Davros cursed the Doctor once more and decided to abandon the saucer whilst he could.

Finally, the Neutron Arc was ready to be activated and with one final look around, Terrence threw the switch. Immediately, the saucer began to twist and implode on itself, causing fires and debris to fall and erupt around them. He quickly worked on the Doctors restraints and freed him. Both exhausted and injured, the Doctor and Terrence began making their way out of the saucer.

Just before they left the command deck, Dalek Caan called after them and told them that when the time comes, they must choose the path of destruction. Caan was then obfuscated by falling debris.

Things looked pretty bleak for the Doctor and Terrence, until the young boy remembered that he still possessed the Dalek force field in his pocket. Just in time, he activated it and debris that would have surely crushed them, bounced off the field and gave them just enough time to locate the TARDIS that Davros had captured when he arrived on Rapton.

As the saucer and the Dalek force imploded and were sucked into the void from where they came, the TARDIS fled to the safety of the vortex. The Doctor and his companions had saved the day and were ready for their next adventure…. After some much needed rest that is.



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