Doctor Who RPG: Season 1

Episode 5: All Bets Are Off

TARDIS Console Room…somewhere in the Vortex

Terrence and Arty looked onwards at the Doctor in bewilderment as he threw various items of clothing over his shoulder out of his wardrobe. Frantically he exclaimed that after all the hardships the group have faced recently, he knows just the place to take the group…. With that he handed the pair a set of clothes in suit bags and put on his best set of Elvis Shades!

Cue Music

Las Vegas – 1976

As the TARDIS’ time rotor ground to a halt, The Doctor set off outside with the companions quickly following him. They were met by the wondrous sights and sounds of the Vegas Strip. Las Vegas 1976 to be precise.

The Doctor, sauntered down the street telling the group that they are here to work with a select group of people known as the Watchmen (rumoured to be affiliated to the Shadow Proclamation). The Watchmen are an organisation of different species that have dedicated their lives to observing and recording great historical events throughout time and space. The Time Lords used to keep a very watchful eye on the group to make sure that their time travel technology was strictly regulated. Now that the Time Lords were no longer around, the Doctor felt an oath of obligation to continue to drop by now and again to make sure the Watchmen were not doing anything they shouldn’t be doing. And that is why he had brought the group to Vegas 1976. That, and to see Elvis’ stunning concert which the Watchmen were here to record and preserve.

Slowly, the group headed down the Vegas Strip towards Caesars Palace where they were intercepted by an obese Texan in a white ten gallon hat. He hugged them and said “thank you, thank you” and wandered off down the street. Everyone shrugged at the bizarre event, confirming with each other that they’d never met the Texan before in their lives! With that, they carried on to the grand lobby of the palace.

Star Struck

As the group waited around for their Watchman contact to appear, Terrence happened to notice the one and only Frank Sinatra stood by the reception desk. He meandered over, not wanting to look like an adoring fan. Unfortunately, as he was preparing to talk to Old Blue Eyes, a busy hospital porter dropped a heap of matched luggage from his trolley which hit Terence and caused him to set off a chain reaction that scattered all the room keys onto the floor and had the poor boy sprawled along with them. Frank walked over to Terence and helped him up, telling him not to worry and saying “you only live once, and the way I live, once is enough”. He gave Terence some money to enjoy Vegas and with that, he went with Sammy Davis Jr (who had just showed up) into the casino.

Soon enough, the Watchman contact called Sam Phillips turned up, equally as excited about seeing “The King” as the Doctor. One by one, the group entered the Casino Hall to kill some time before the big performance.

Strange Tidings

Hearing the contact’s surname coinciding with Terence’s Surname, the Doctor began dwelling on a tiny feeling in the back of his mind that something wasn’t quite right with Terence. The more he thought about it, the more it bothered him. After deducing the fact that there was not paternal connection between the two, it finally came to the Doctor that Terence had the same kind of aura about him as a fixed point in time. Somehow, either Terrence should be fixed and something about him had been altered, or he should be a variable time point and he’s become fixed. Unfortunately, the Doctor couldn’t work out which. Putting it out of his mind for now, he began enjoying himself in the Casino.

Fitting in

Meanwhile Arty had found in his storage compartment, one of his old possessions that he had collected over time: a terullium credit card containing one measly terrulium ducket on its account. Trying his had, he cashed the terullium ducket in which amazingly enough rang up as 5 million dollars! Taking a sizable amount out, he began to explore, coming across the Texan from earlier. However, the Texan seemed to have no recollection of their meeting.

Meanwhile Terrence was doing really well. He spotted a skinny man with longish 70’s hair winning big at a craps table. As he passed by he told Terrence to have a good time and gave him $100 chip. Eventually, Terence spotted Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra having some disagreement but despite talking briefly to them, couldn’t actually work out what was wrong. Unfortunately for Terence, time had run out and they were due to see Elvis sing.

Time Belt Crisis

The group came out of the concert and went back to the reception to get keys to rooms.

Whilst they were waiting, the Doctor saw the Texan once more by the fountain in reception. After a brief discussion, it was revealed that the Texan had lost a fortune and his girl but just wanted to be left alone.

Eventually, the receptionist came back to the group explaining that the accident with the keys earlier meant that none of the group could get into the rooms they had ordered including Sam. He explained how this could have been a good situation anyway because he travels by use of a time belt and overuse of it causes disruption to local environmental climates and is therefore potentially dangerous. Sam suggested that the Doctor help him complete his other recording tasks and return when the belt has had time to cool down. The Doctor however became concerned that the time belt should be obtained as soon as possible so as to avoid anyone accidentally getting hold of it.

Low and behold, as the group hurried to Sam’s room, they found that the belt had been taken. The Doctor used his Sonic Screwdriver to track the chronon energy emitted from the belt and the group rushed back to the TARDIS where they followed the stream of chronon particles back to just a few hours before, whilst the group were in the concert watching Elvis.

Hunting the Thief

The group soon discovered that the belt had been taken from the room by the slim guy with long hair that had given Terence the poker chip. Off they set into the Casino to try and locate him. Eventually Arty spotted the man standing next to a very big guy in a black suit who seemed to be guarding him. After a few minutes watching him sneakily, the group happened to unfortunately be mistaken for counting cards or other such underhandedness and were forcibly removed from the Casino but not before witnessing the long haired man be taken into a back room by a short bald guy in a smart black suit, using a gold membership swipe card.

The Texan

Out in the street with little hope of retrieving the belt, Arty recalled from his data banks that the Texan had obtained such a gold membership card that they needed. The group skilfully tracked down the Texan (after their past selves had spoken to him by the fountain) and convinced him to go back in time with them where through their actions, they managed to save his fortune and his woman. As he succeeded, the Texan spied the Doctor and his companions walking down the strip and thanked them for their help (see back to when they first arrived).

The group returned to the present time where they discovered that the local climate was now very turbulent and stormy. This obviously meant that the belt had been used and time was of the essence before something really bad happened.

As payment for helping him, the Texan used his Gold membership card to gain access to the private playing area and smuggled the group in through the window.

A Timely Diversion

Now inside, Arty, Terence and the Doctor gained information to suggest that the room was full of gangster hoods led by a top racketeer known as Mr Silas (the bald guy from earlier). Sure enough, the group soon located Mr Silas talking to the long haired guy who was obviously being detained. Mr Silas said something to the guard and went through a door to the private stairwell. As he did so, the group spied that he was wearing the time belt!

Somehow, the group needed to think fast and get past a bunch of guards so they could go up the stairwell after Mr Silas and the belt. The solution was provided by Arty who deftly caused a distraction and sent the guards chasing after the long haired man (who was trying to escape) whilst they all piled up the stairwell.

The Showdown

Eventually, the group found Mr Silas on the edge of the roof of Caesars Palace amidst a thunderstorm complete with crashing bolts of lightning. Sam Phillips quickly noted a small read flashing light on the belt indicating its critical temperature and said that if the belt is used once more, it could be disaster for earth or maybe even the universe.

Silas told the group of how he had stumbled upon the time belt but immediately realised its potential. With it he could go anywhere, pull any heist. He could become leader of the New York Family even.

The Doctor dramatically explained the curse of the time belt and how it could spell doom for earth with it’s constant use, to which Silas smugly announced that he would wait for it to cool down and then use it. However, as Silas stepped from the edge of the building, a lightning strike hit the building and sent him dangling off the edge with the belt just out of reach.

Despite his best attempts at convincing Mr Silas to take his hand and leave the belt, the old gangster couldn’t let go of his dreams of glory and ultimately paid the price by slipping and falling to his death.

Terence quickly recovered the time belt and the group managed to bluff their way past the Police using the Doctors persuasive abilities and the use of his psychic paper.


Sam Phillips renounced his connection to the Watchmen and stated that he would make sure they put all recording on hold until the belts systems were improved.

The long haired man who managed to survive the ordeal, saw the folly of taking the belt and vowed to do something good with his life.

Finally, the Texan happily exclaimed that the Doctor and his friends had saved his fortune and his relationship and if they ever needed anything, they could always call on him for help.

With that, Arty, Terence and the Doctor stepped back into the TARDIS to begin their adventures once again…



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