Doctor Who RPG: Season 1

Episode 1: The Tides of Earth


The adventure began with a group of scientists taking samples from the antarctic ice. As they anxiously await the drill rising, it suddenly stops and a shadowy form is seen passing by the camera shortly before the image turns to static. Going to investigate, the scientists discover that the camera has been damaged and as they inspect the drill head, a freen scaly hand grabs one of the scientists.

Cue Theme Music

The Doctor was travelling through space with his newfound companion, an artificially intelligent construct named “The Artificer” (Arty for short). As they were disucssiing which planet to visit next, the Doctor noticed a small bleeping noise coming from his pocket. After searching through his many possessions he found a distress beacon that was emitting from Planet Earth. The Doctor knew the signal was coming from his old scientist friend Dr …. With that, Arty and the Doctor set off for Earth.


The TARDIS arrived on a Royal Navy Destroyer that was in Antarctic waters. After a few bungled explanations as to why they were on the ship, both Time Travellers were taken to the Captain. As they were explaining themselves, the ship began to creak and groan as if hit from below. The seamen called out that they had seen something in the water but it was too late, the ship began to capsise. All crew put on life preservers and went overboard including Arty (who had disguised himself as a human) and the Doctor. Whilst in the water, the crew began to be dragged under by green scaly hands. Through quick thinking, Arty produced a small tablet that when activated froze liquid (used to stop oil leaks on machines). He froze part of the water and allowed some members of the crew to escape.

Once safe, talking to the crew revealed that they were on their way to an antarctic research station because about 6 months previous scientists detected unusually fast errosion of the ice caps and a team was sent out to investigate it. The Team managed to send out a brief Mayday before going silent. The ship was to investigate why. With that the Doctor, Arty and the survivors went to find the base.

Hawlins Base

Once the companions got to the base, they encountered the remaining scientists (including his old friend who had summoned them there). They found the reason that the scientists lost contact was that the radio equipment had been trashed by one of their fellow men. He went crazy in the night and trashed most of the ice samples that the team had gathered. examining the samples revealed that there were perfect holes in the ice around 5m in diamiter. The ice seemed to have been fused. At that point there was a commotion in the room where the scientist was confined. The group ran to the room only to find him being taken away by two Sea Devils. Fortunately, the reptiles stated that they “only wanted him”. and so despite having a bit of a struggle, nobody was injured and the rogue scientist was taken away.

Once recovered, the Doctor and Arty investigated the data, finding the rough location of the reported increased errosion. Previously some of the scientists had gone out there to look but never returned. The Doctor and Arty ventured out into the area using a miniature submarine.

underneath the Antarctic

In the submarine the group found a bunch of Sea Devils transporting a huge platform with a huge metal clyinder on board that began to superheat and shoot into the ice, thus melting it. A chase ensued and the submarine lost power, resulting in the Doctor and Arty being captured and being taken to the Sea Devils underwater base.

City of the Sea Devils

Once inside, the Doctor was greeted by the leader of the Sea Devils. He explained that their race had awoken in the antarctic ice from their hibernation and found their world taken over by men. They decided to melt the polar ice caps and thus flood the world, making it less habitable for humans but perfect for the Sea Devils. Then the human scientist who had broken the radio came forward. It turned out that he was in league with the reptiles as he had secretly found them and been promised life in the new world and power. The rogue scientist had issued a broadcast to all the worlds governments asking for their unconditional surrender.

The Doctor and Arty were then imprisoned alongside the other scientists who had ventured out in the other submarine, and the survivors from the Royal Navy ship sinking. Eventually the Doctor and Arty escaped, freeing the other prisoners and holding off the Sea Devils. They managed to fight their way back to the control room and drive the leader away, who along with the rogue scientist eventually escaped.

Once in the control room, the group found that Korea, had launched nuclear weapons against the location of the transmittion (the underwater base), but haven’t realised that the base is defended by a powerful forcefield. Luckily, the Doctor, Arty and the prisoners managed to escape the city just in time before it had been destroyed.


UNIT forces move in and receive a debrief from the Doctor. They explain that they managed to recover the TARDIS and rescu The Doctor’s old scientist friend thanked him for all his help and received a new SOS card. With that, the Doctor and Arty enter the TARDIS ready for their next adventure.



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