• Brigadier Timothy Bright

    Brigadier Timothy Bright

    A friendly section leader of UNIT
  • Imperium


    Sentient computer application from Logopolis
  • Logopolis


    A planet that was helping to keep the universe together through the complex use of mathamatics
  • Professor Malcolm Taylor

    Professor Malcolm Taylor

    Bumbling but loveable Scientific Advisor to UNIT
  • Sea Devils

    Sea Devils

    A green sea reptile from before the dawn of man, come back to reclaim the earth
  • The Central Earth Government

    The Central Earth Government

    Organisation that rules Earth in the year 2184
  • The Plactoras

    The Plactoras

    A viral alien that looks like ghostly green smoke with the face of a skull
  • The Raptonians

    The Raptonians

    Avian based pacifists inadvertantly devastated by the Doctors actions
  • The Sklave

    The Sklave

    Reptillian Shape Shifting Slavers
  • The Sons of Earth

    The Sons of Earth

    A rebel organisation united against the people's of earth's expansion
  • The Ssazik

    The Ssazik

    A bug like humanoid race with interstellar space flight capability
  • The Texan

    The Texan

    A wealthy, man who helped the Doctor in Vegas
  • The Watchmen

    The Watchmen

    An organisation dedicated to preserving historic events
  • Wire Zombies

    Wire Zombies

    Humans unwillingly controlled and used as puppets by sentient wires