Sea Devils

A green sea reptile from before the dawn of man, come back to reclaim the earth



Awareness: 2
Coordination: 2
Ingenuity: 3
Presence: 3
Resolve: 5
Strength: 4

Story Points: 2 (Leader has 4)
Tech Level: 6


Athletics: 1
Craft: 3
Fighting: 3
Knowledge: 2 (Leader has 3)
Marksman: 2
Science: 3
Subterfuge: 2
Survival: 3
Technology: 3


Fear Factor +2
Minor Dependency (water)
Alien Appearance
Weakness (hexachromite)


Conflagration Disc: Deals intense heat damage causing 4/8/L



Its not accurately known which period of Earth’s prehistory the Sea Devils originate from. They are cold-blooded reptile humanoids, with large eyes and turtle like snouts. They have been seen to rely on hand held weaponry and have been seen wearing bullet proof Samurai style armour. They are also known to be fatally vulnerable to Hexachromite gas, a substance that is lethal to all marine and amphibian life and has an almost instant effect upon the Sea Devils.

The Sea Devils were first encountered by the Doctor in 1972. They were met by the renegade Time Lord known as the Master, who persuaded them to take the planet from the Human Race. The Sea Devils went to war with the humans despite efforts from the Doctor to arrange a peaceful existence, ultimately leading to him having to destroy their underwater base. It was revealed however that there are many colonies still in hibernation around the world.

In the Antarctic, because they are cold blooded, the Sea Devils have trouble with their metabolism, sometimes walking slower and reacting slower than they usually would. Because they cannot yet gain warmth from the sun for any prolonged length of time for fear of exposing their plans early, they constantly expand their rib cage to increase their surface area and darken their skin (appear as a really dark green – almost black) to absorb more heat from the little sun they do capture. Luckily, the Sea Devils possess a special protein in their blood, which acts like anti-freeze to help them survive very cold water temperatures.

Sea Devils

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