The Plactoras

A viral alien that looks like ghostly green smoke with the face of a skull



Awareness: 2
Coordination: * (as possessed creatures stats)
Ingenuity: 3
Presence: 1
Resolve: 4
Strength: *(as possessed creatures stats)

Story Points: 2
Tech Level: 6


Athletics: *(as possessed creature)
Convince: 4
Craft: 2
Fighting: *(as possessed creature)
Knowledge: 3
Science: 4
Subterfuge: 2
Technology: 1


Fear Factor +2
Impaired Senses (Smell)
Major Dependency (physical beings)
Fanatic (world domination)
Weakness (Low Temperature)



The Plactoras have no hierarchy; they are true community. Their collective thought processes are stored in a main psychically charged “communal mind”, but only within the bloodline of the Plactoras that have encountered something. For example, a group of plactoras who met the Doctor in 2005 would not be able to remember who the Doctor was unless the ancestors of that same group had met the doctor previously.

An interesting note is that the Plactoras are hydrogen based life forms. They have no physical substance and appear as green, gaseous clouds that form humanoid shapes. It is unknown whether they are in some way related to the Gelf.

Acting as a virus, the Plactoras take possession of a host body, taking DNA and modifying it so that the host replicates the Plactoras numerous times. This process continues until finally, there are too many Plactoras beings inside the host for it to handle. When this happens, the host body erupts and the Plactoras are freed. Many see this process as intolerable and have hunted the race down to extinction.

As hydrogen based life forms, the Plactoras are prone to severely low temperatures as the reduction causes them to mix with oxygen (if it is present) and turn into water, thus destroying their sentiency. They also avoid bodies of water where possible for the same reason

Hunted to the verge of extinction, the last encounter the Doctor had with the Plactoras saw them in a weakened state, needing to use the presence of hydrogen to “smoothen” the replication of their DNA. They can however still possess creatures for a short period without this.

The Plactoras

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