The Ssazik

A bug like humanoid race with interstellar space flight capability



Awareness: ?
Coordination: ?

Ingenuity: ?
Presence: ?

Resolve: ?
Strength: ?

Story Points: ???
Tech Level: 7


Athletics: ?
Convince: ?

Craft: ?
Fighting: ?

Knowledge: ?
Marksman: ?

Medicine: ?
Science: ?

Subterfuge: ?
Survival: ?

Technology: ?
Transport: ?


Alien Appearance



Very little is known about this strange race. Their appearance is somewhat bug like but they use humanoid space suits and technology. The Doctor and his companions did discover that they have a “high command” and a Federation but whether this is a rank in military terms or in governmental remains to be seen. They also seem to worship a deity that they refer to as “the great one”.

It seems that the Ssazik have played a part in driving the Plactoras to extinction.

The Ssazik

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