Platform 113

A huge gravity drive that allows the opening up of a wormhole known as the Eye of Artemis


Traits: Transmit, Open/Close
Armour: 500
Hit Capacity: 500
Speed: 0
Story Points: 5


Developed by the Central Earth Government as a means of interstellar travel, This is a space station. A huge space station. At its centre is a gravity drive that effectively summons the Eye of Artemis and closes it again. On the outer side of it are 2 hemispheres of corridors and rooms that operate like a spinning centrifugal mass but rotate to remain upright. Obviously to operate a gravity drive takes lots of energy and that’s why there’s a nuclear reactor on board.

Gravity causes a direct effect on the time stream. Thus, if enough mass is gained, then it can affect time and space. That is why they use gravity drives.

The Eye of Artemis is a gravity drive of sorts that sucks the wormhole into existence and allows passage between one platform and another. The ships traverse the void between wormholes and when they are getting near, the gravity drive powers up and allows the ship to lock onto its beacons. The Harmonic Particle Array then pumps energy from the stations nuclear reactor into the Gravity Drive to send it spinning in faster cyclics so it can open the wormhole
Although the station has a nuclear reactor that powers the gravity drive, the gravity drive in normal operation also helps complete the energy cycle by running most systems such as the grav lifts, the life support and maintaining coolant levels for the reactor.

Platform 113

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