Finale Clue 2: Ssazik Ship Log


Dated – ////Ewijgsefoj

We are continuing to move. Our destination has not changed despite the peril we are in. the ship has been built to the highest specification and as such can still fly even with a crew of only three remaining. The lower deck and storage compartment are lost to them. The seals remain intact, but for how long we cannot guess. We have sent a signal to the Ssazik high command but only the great one knows if it has reached them. Recycled air sustains us, but malfunctioning systems mean that this will not continue and it is likely that we will perish. With any luck the Ssazik high command will contact the federation with orders to send an assault vessel to destroy us for we cannot be allowed to reach our destination. At this moment however, as the Plactoras try to burst through our filtration systems, I cannot help but think that someone in the high command wanted this to happen as the transmat is not responding and all attempts to circumvent the autopilot have failed. I would be happy to die knowing that I have stopped this terrible plague once and for all. Here they comeā€¦


This is the final entry into the buried Ssazik ships log found in Hamton, Yorkshire in the early 1900’s.

Finale Clue 2: Ssazik Ship Log

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